Currently In Production: Mobile App for Youth Sports

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The Problem

I’ve been coaching youth sports for a little over a decade, but it wasn’t until I started managing my son’s team at a more competitive level of baseball that I realized how much time can be spent on managing versus coaching the team. One of the most time consuming actions in managing a little league baseball team is lineup building. With varying minimum play rules and strategies involved in building a fair or competitive lineups, a manager can easily spend an hour building the lineups for one game. With 2-3 games a week, that becomes quite the time investment.

No matter how much a manager tries their best to insure that they are aware of everyone’s attendance and manicuring the perfect lineup, it is bound to happen: a player unexpectedly doesn’t show up for the game. Now, the manager is scrambling to build a fair and competitive lineup before the game starts. Wasting valuable time that could have been spent coaching their team.

Project Summary

That’s where a lineup building desktop and mobile app come to the rescue. The idea is to invite managers in from the start of the process and continual test and iterated the product with their input. There are currently a 3-4 apps in the iOS market that try to fix this, but they all feel rushed and incomplete without iterating with feedback from users. This is a desktop and mobile app solution that allows users to do the bulk of the work in both environments.

The Plan

I am currently working with a small group of managers, gathering information on their pain points in managing youth teams, how they currently work through those pain points and if this project would fit into their routine. With that information, I’ll start looking for viability of the project and roadmapping the rest of the project. Including:

  • viable feature set building
  • ideating and wireframing potential solutions
  • gathering feedback from users
  • planning, researching possible information architecture
  • paper prototyping the process flow from desktop to mobile devices
  • building interactive prototype and varying iterations for larger group of users
  • MVP in hands of managers by mid-2018 for data gathering, analysis and iterating

Expected product launch: Spring 2019